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Plumbing Tips & FAQ

(For instructions on dealing with plumbing or water-heater emergencies, go here.)

Q. How do I fix my clog or leak?
A. See some suggestions here.

Q. Can I increase my water-pressure?
A. Possibly. The best thing to do first is to compare your water-pressure with that of your immediate neighbours. If yours is significantly lower, it’s likely a local issue like a damaged valve or waterline, or a build-up of mineral deposits. We can help fix those things. If your pressure is the same, the problem is likely the flow-rate from the city’s pipes (which can’t easily be changed).

Q. What is a hand-snake / plumber’s snake?
A. It’s a tool used to remove clogs that are too far within a pipe to reach by hand or hangar. It is usually metal and comes in a coil (like a smaller version of a garden-hose). They can be purchased at most hardware stores.

Q. What is causing my drain to gurgle?
A. Usually just a partial air-blockage within the drain. This is often an early warning sign of a growing clog.

Q. Do I really need a professional plumber?
A. It all depends on the problem that needs fixing. For anything involving gas, you need someone with at least a journeyman ticket. For basic clogs and leaks, online resources and basic hardware tools may be enough. For new installations and for more complicated repairs, DIY strategies tend to cost more in the long-run (improper set-up often causes lost efficiency and early repair needs).

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