Why use B-Line Plumbing & Heating?

There’s a long list of plumbers that you can call if you have a problem with your sink or your water-heater. Most charge roughly the same price and work on roughly the same schedule. So, why call us?

Experience – 40 years is a long time. Two different problems can look the same to a rookie eye. Old veterans know better. They know which questions to ask, which things to check, and how to use little clues to speed up the problem-identification process. When you’re paying by the hour, these things matter. Time saved is money saved.

Reliability – Thousands of satisfied customers can’t be wrong. Check out some of their comments in our testimonials. We pride ourselves on fixing the problem the right way on the first visit. We offer a 30-day warranty on all service-jobs.

Friendliness – Professionalism is important. But sometimes we can get so worked up about being prim and proper that we forget to be human, and to be interesting. We don’t have that problem! We work efficiently, but we liketo share stories and laughs while we do so.

Company History

Ellery Lemky got into the plumbing business back in the early 70’s, when Grande Prairie was still a small town with a few stop-lights. He branched out on his own in 1996 to found B-Line Plumbing.

He wanted every customer experience to include three things:

Responsiveness – If he could help, he wanted to help quickly. If he couldn’t, he wanted to point callers to an alternative that could help quickly. Your problems are urgent to you, and they should be to plumbers, too.

Honesty – This is a must in any business. Handshakes should be worth something. Business should be about exchanging a fair fee for fair workmanship. No more, no less.

Happiness – It’s the little things that matter in life. Having a friendly and bright conversation can do a lot to improve a day that’s been soured by a broken pipe or a water-heater leak. We think that matters.

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